Full Reconditioning Services

Drawing from many years of doing what we do best, BoardTronics understands that many control system failures are attributable to multiple points of failure or multiple intermittent points of failure. As a result, we were the first to bring the concept of reconditioning to the industry. At BoardTronics, our unique Reconditioning services deliver consistent quality, and are executed through a simple direct transaction experience that is designed to feel the same year after year.

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Emergency Board Exchange Services

Need it fast? How about tomorrow morning? Why pay a huge premium through a local dealer when you can simply call our toll-free number or click below to get the part you need delivered tomorrow? BoardTronics maintains the largest multi-brand, multi-model, service-ready replacement irrigation controller inventory found anywhere. Thousands of components ready for next day delivery - that's why thousands of superintendents turn to BoardTronics.

BoardTronics Board Exchange Services

High Quality Replacement Parts

Do you ever wonder why irrigation manufacturers still make attempts to service controller components, only to discontinue the sale of key ancillary replacement parts? Forcing a system upgrade due to a simple cable failure or perhaps even a transformer isn't good business. BoardTronics is sourcing, designing, and building many key replacement parts for the rest of the controller cabinet that may no longer be available through OEM channels. Wiring harnesses, keypads, transformers, batteries, displays, and more. All are OEM quality or better with no middle-man mark up - available online or by telephone order today.

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