Company Bio

In 1996, golf course irrigation control system service from BoardTronics was designed to deliver value at a level where irrigation manufacturers could not possibly compete. Innovation, quality, dependability, and unique logistics were designed to run seamlessly to create value that only a direct, flexible service source was capable of providing customers.

Today, BoardTronics provides three flexible service solutions designed to satisfy varying customer requirements:

  • Full Reconditioning Services – An industry-exclusive, proprietary service process was designed for customers who value keeping control of their own service components. Thousands of service orders are processed every year when turnaround time and quality matter most.
  • Board Exchange Services – Customers can choose from an extensive inventory of service-ready controller components that have been through an extensive reconditioning service. Thousands of parts are drop-shipped from one efficient master inventory location to golf courses across the United States and internationally.
  • SuperParts™ – There are select parts made by irrigation manufacturers that are so poorly designed and manufactured that they are hardly worth repairing; “throw-away” quality has made it to the irrigation industry. Because these market conditions are becoming more prevalent, BoardTronics developed a complete new line of top-shelf quality replacement parts. Whether it is an obsolete system or a current production model such as Toro® Network VP®, or Rain Bird® PAR+, BoardTronics provides brand new, direct-fit replacement parts that are in stock and available for immediate shipment.

At, customers enjoy a fully automated logistics solution developed with our partners at UPS. With this shipping feature, customers do business on their own schedules. This is the digital version of “no waiting in line”, eliminating the added costs associated with regional middleman markups, telephone calls, and long waits for service techs. Use the Shipping Label Generator to give it a try; we know that BoardTronics customers greatly appreciate the flexibility, costs savings, and ease of use.

Twenty-five years and thousands of satisfied customers later, the corporate mission at BoardTronics is as crystal clear as it was in 1996: continue the enhancement of core capabilities and commitments, extend our brand presence in multi-line irrigation service, and most importantly, always deliver on our promises.

Shane R. Smith
Vice President, Products & Services