AutoLogical™ Engineering
Process Oriented Production Strategy

  Every year, thousands of components, from every major manufacturer of irrigation equipment, run through the BoardTronics production lines. At that scale, managing assemblies and sub-assemblies from intake to delivery requires not only space and time, but a process of AutoLogical Engineering developed by BoardTronics and designed to produce a consistent year over year transaction experience for our clients. Whether originating from Florida, California, or all points in between, our clients have come to expect an experience that always feels the same, and they should. For over fifteen years, BoardTronics has continued to innovate new and exciting test automation for the modern irrigation control maintenance market. Additionally, BoardTronics develops and maintains an extensive proprietary intellectual technical inventory, composed of schematics, notations, illustrations, and assembly specific test and repair processes. These technical capabilities are certainly unmatched in the industry and will continue to anchor BoardTronics as the leader in aftermarket irrigation control service and maintenance. An automated parts inventory management system maintains thousands of individual parts, both new and obsolete, in order to ensure zero downtime on the production line during peak season requirements. Paralleling the company’s investments in automation, technical and inventory management, has been its most important effort to hire, train, and retain the most talented personnel in the industry. BoardTronics’ senior technicians and management are still serving the same clients, now fifteen years later! When automation, historical rationale, inventory controls, and motivated manpower merge and run seamlessly, they create industrial capabilities that consistently deliver at the levels of which BoardTronics has become recognized for in the marketplace. That is AutoLogical Engineering, and that is what it means to be “best in class.”