SuperParts™ Output Board for Buckner® Genesis


  • Brand new, direct-fit replacement parts—never used, never repaired.
  • Includes one SuperParts™ Output Board, one SuperParts™ Output Interconnect Cable, and one SuperParts™ Power Interconnect Cable, allowing you to connect this board to another SuperParts™ Output Board.
  • Interchangeable—can be used in the upper or lower position.
  • 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee & 10-Year Limited Warranty.
  • No core charges, core returns, or board exchanges required.
  • Free 2-Day UPS® Delivery to all U.S. locations.
  • International shipping available.

This product is not compatible with OEM Buckner® Genesis systems and must be used with a SuperParts™ Control Panel Kit. This product is only to be purchased as a replacement for an existing SuperParts™ Output Board that has been damaged, or to add additional stations to an existing SuperParts™ Control Panel Kit.


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