blank Toro Network VP 8-Station Output Board Toro Network VP Pump Communication Surge Board

Pump Communication Surge Board

for the Toro® Network VP® field controller

Turnaround: 1 Day

No core? No problem.
Order a BRAND NEW, direct-fit Pump Communication Surge Board for Network VP® with no required core component return.


Direct-to-Customer Price

Order a BRAND NEW, direct-fit Pump Communication Surge Board for Network VP® in exchange for your defective core component. A prepaid, peel-and-stick shipping label will be included with your order, allowing for a convenient core component return.


Direct-to-Customer Price (with Core Return)

Ship your defective Network VP® Pump Communication Surge Board to our International Service Center and we'll create an order for you when it arrives. Your component will be shipped back depending on the shipping speed you selected for your inbound shipping label.

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Price includes all parts and labor. Pay one low flat rate—no matter what!

Compare to Toro® price: $136.67

Board Exchange is currently unavailable for this component. For the SAME PRICE, you can choose between the following options:

1. Exchange your defective core for a BRAND NEW, direct-fit SuperParts™ solution that ships immediately! Click the red "Trade Up" tab to find out more.

2. Experience the industry's fastest and most comprehensive FULL Reconditioning service. Click the green "FULL Reconditioning" tab to find out more.

OEM Part Numbers:

  • R102-8086
  • R89-8589
Why choose the   SuperParts™ 16-Station Switch & Surge Board?
Super Parts 16-Station Switch & Surge Board Image

Brand New

Out with the old. In with the new. Customers who order SuperParts™ always receive brand new components built with high quality parts and materials. Using Proprietary Test Automation, SuperParts™ are tested by a separate Finalization Department to ensure quality prior to shipment.
Super Parts 16 Station Switch Direct Fit


The SuperParts™ 16-Station Switch & Surge Board directly replaces Toro® models without any changes or modifications required from superintendents. With SuperParts™, there's no hassle, no worry—they just work.
Super Parts 16 Station Switch Compare

Upgraded Toggle Switches

Having serviced countless 16-Station Switch & Surge Boards with failed or failing slide switches, BoardTronics incorporated upgraded toggle switches into the design of the SuperParts™ 16-Station Switch & Surge Board for improved ease of use and extended product lifetime.
Super Parts 16 Station Switch Board Includes

Surge Protection Comes Standard

16-station boards come in many different OEM configurations, some lacking surge protection and some even lacking both switches and surge protection. Customers that purchase the SuperParts™
16-Station Switch & Surge Board always receive both.

FULL Reconditioning Service Description

When your Network VP® Pump Communication Surge Board arrives at the BoardTronics International Service Center, it will enter the most comprehensive reconditioning process in the industry. Using specialized stations to complete acute maintenance tasks, all components undergoing FULL Reconditioning pass through the following stages:

1. Disassembly. Components are visually inspected with careful disassembly of key parts. Previously installed mismatched or low quality parts are discarded in order to eliminate the shortcomings of any non-comprehensive service history.

2. Cleaning. Using a high-pressure automated rack washing system and cosmetic touch ups, components are cleaned to as new as possible condition. Components requiring extensive cleaning are sent to stations that specialize in deep corrosion and insect & rodent infestation.

3. Testing. Following component-specific examination checklists, the complete functionality of component assemblies and sub-assemblies are tested from top-to-bottom to identify all defects.

4. Repair. Defects are diagnosed and repaired by expert technicians using factory specification hardware. All failed or failing parts are replaced with new or functionally equivalent used parts from the most extensive service parts inventory in the industry.

5. Optimization. Components are analyzed for weaknesses that could lead to future defects. Often caused by weathering or non-comprehensive service history, these weak points are fully diagnosed and repaired in order to bring components to optimal functionality and strength.

6. Protection. Corrosion-resistant lacquer application is applied on all exposed PCB surfaces to prolong the service life of components.

7. Reassembly. Components are reassembled to their complete functioning condition using factory specification hardware.

8. Calibration. If necessary, adjustments and calibrations are made in order to match OEM specifications.

9. Finalization. Using proprietary test automation, components are tested for a final time in their complete functioning condition by a separate finalization department to ensure quality prior to shipment.