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A single station is not turning on or is stuck on

The first step to resolving this issue is checking the 8-Station Output Board:

  • Check the LED indicator lights on the corresponding 8-Station Output Board. If one is stuck on, the 8-Station Output Board should be repaired or replaced with a new one.
  • Check the connector the Output/Pump Cable plugs into for corrosion on the pins.
  • Verify that there is a good connection, free of corrosion and debris, between the 8-Station Output Board and the 16-Station Switch & Surge Board.
  • Check the output contacts on the bottom of the board for debris and corrosion.
  • The problem may be related to the Timing Mechanism or Output/Pump Cable. Check this by swapping the 8-Station Output Board with a known operational unit.

If the 8-Station Output Board is functional, test the Power Distribution Board:

  • Check that there is a green indicator light on the Power Distribution Board when the system is powered on, which indicates that the board is receiving proper power from the Power Transformer. If there is no light, verify that there is proper voltage coming out of the Power Transformer by using a multi-meter on the power plug going into the Power Distribution Board. There should be approximately 14V AC. If the voltage is not correct, the Power Transformer should be repaired or replaced with a new one.


HOW TO: Check voltages

Look for the three voltage indicator lights on the Power Distribution Board. When on, these lights show the presence of 5V, 9V, and 12V, as indicated on the board. If none of the of the voltage indicator lights on the Power Distribution Board are on...

HOW TO: Reinitialize a Timing Mechanism

Press the "Satellite Settings" button. Use the Down Arrow button to move down to the line that reads "Reset Unit: No". Turn the knob to change the "No" to "Yes", then press the Down Arrow button one more time. This screen...

ISSUE: 8 consecutive stations are not turning on

Determine which 8-Station Output Board is linked to the eight stations that are not coming on. Check the 24VAC indicator light on the corresponding 8-Station Output Board. See the picture below...

ISSUE: Multiple stations are not turning on or are stuck on

Check the 24-VAC indicator lights on each 8-Station Output Board and on the Pump Common. They should all be illuminated. If none of the lights are on: Check the 3.2A fuse on the Power Supply...

ISSUE: Timing Mechanism is dead

Move the Timing Mechanism to a known functioning satellite. If the Timing Mechanism is still not getting any power, this points to an internal problem with the Timing Mechanism and it should be repaired or replaced...

ISSUE: Timing Mechanism is reporting the wrong number of stations

Remove the Timing Mechanism from the satellite and install it into a different functioning satellite and see if the reported number of stations is correct. If still incorrect, reinitialize...

ISSUE: Timing Mechanism is running slowly

This issue is a symptom of an internal processor failure within the Timing Mechanism; the Timing Mechanism should be reconditioned.

ISSUE: Timing Mechanism not communicating with central computer

Check the RX/TX indicator lights on the Modem. Normal operation is for the RX light to come on often and the TX light to come on occasionally. If both lights remain off: Check the fuses on the...