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Barracuda™ Retrofit

People Finder

for the Toro® OSMAC® RDR field controller

Turnaround: 1 Day

Call today to request a Barracuda™ Retrofit—a seamless wideband to narrowband solution for the OSMAC® RDR People Finder.


Call: 800-782-9938


Ship your defective OSMAC® RDR People Finder to our International Service Center. It will be shipped back to you at your desired shipping speed after service is complete.


Call: 800-782-9938


What's Included:

  • Full Scale People Finder Retrofit Service
  • Brand New People Finder Power Supply Cable
  • Complimentary FCC Licensing Consultation

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Barracuda™ Retrofit Description

When the FCC announced a mandate requiring users of wideband radio equipment to convert to narrowband-compliant equipment, BoardTronics designed the Barracuda™ Retrofit to be an easier, more affordable, higher quality solution than the OEM's narrowband migration.

After your initial phone consultation with us, you can Generate a Shipping Label to send your OSMAC® RDR People Finder to the BoardTronics International Service Center for the Barracuda™ Retrofit. No fieldwork is required. The entire retrofit process is designed to be completed in one business day at our facility.

When the Barracuda™ Retrofit procedure is complete, we will ship your OSMAC® RDR People Finder back to you with a brand new People Finder Power Supply. At that point, it's ready to go—plug it in and water as usual! Customers will not incur additional expenses related to employee training, retooling, reprogramming, or installation. We will also walk you through the FCC licensing procedures at no additional charge.

Whether a golf course has 10 field controllers or 50, the cost of the Barracuda™ Retrofit does not change. Golf courses are not be subject to variable pricing, nor are they required to purchase new Field Decoder Hardware or a new Narrowband Base Station.

All we require from you is a phone consultation and your existing OSMAC® RDR People Finder—we'll take care of the rest!

Quick Turn Repair Description

After a phone consultation, you can Generate a Shipping Label to send your OSMAC® RDR People Finder to the BoardTronics International Service Center for Quick Turn Repair Service. Using specialized stations to complete acute maintenance tasks, all components undergoing Quick Turn Repair pass through the following stages:

1. Testing. Following component-specific examination checklists, the complete functionality of component assemblies and sub-assemblies are tested from top-to-bottom to identify all defects.

2. Repair. Defects are diagnosed and repaired by expert technicians using factory specification hardware. All failed or failing parts are replaced with new or functionally equivalent used parts from the most extensive service parts inventory in the industry.

3. Calibration. Adjustments and calibrations are made in order to match OEM specifications.

4. Finalization. Using proprietary test automation, components are tested for a final time in their complete functioning condition by a separate dinalization separtment to ensure quality prior to shipment.

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